Cosmetic Dentistry

Have a dazzling smile

Our professional and experienced team at Tigga Smile can offer you a range of modern cosmetic dentistry treatments that are both painless and effective. We serve customers in Mill Hill and Northwood too. 

Implants and teeth whitening in Luton, Bedford, Mill Hill and Northwood

Is there something stopping you from flashing a great smile? At Tigga Smile, we can provide the highest standards in veneers, crowns, bridges or implants in order to get your smile looking its best again. We operate three state-of-the-art dental clinics in Luton, Bedford, Mill Hill and Northwood. Our dentists are highly experienced and qualified and have been serving the community for over 20 years. 
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Cosmetic dentistry in Luton, Bedford, Mill Hill, and Northwood

Want to get the perfect teeth? We can help you with crowns, bridges, veneers and tooth coloured fillings to get you a dazzling smile. We can also provide both new and replacement dental implants specifically tailored for you.
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Professional teeth whitening in the South East

Professional teeth whitening is becoming increasingly popular as a great smile boosts your confidence and makes a great first impression. Get in touch with Tigga Smile for a FREE quote. 
For professional cosmetic dentistry in Luton, Bedford, Northwood and Mill Hill get in touch with Tigga Smile on 01582 416 029

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