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A veneer is a thin cover for the front teeth made from porcelain or composite. Veneers can transform your smile from dull and uneven, to straight, white and sparkling.

The treatment

If you would like to change the way your smile looks, we will arrange a consultation with one of our experienced team. We will discuss the alternations you would like to make before examining your teeth. In just two to three appointments, you will leave TiggaSmile with an entirely new smile.

Prior to the application of your veneers, we will take impressions or a digital scan of your teeth and help you to select the desired shade. The laboratory will create your bespoke set of veneers and at the next appointment, we will begin the application process. Your natural teeth need some preparation before we can bond the veneers into place. This includes shaving off the top layer of your dental enamel to create the right surface for the veneer. Once we have checked that you are happy with the way the veneer looks, it will put into place.


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