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You only have one set of teeth and gums so it’s important to ensure they remain as healthy as possible.

Dental crowns are used to strengthen a tooth when it has been damaged or weakened. It is also used to help fix a dental bridge in place.

If a tooth/teeth have suffered trauma and have broken, or it has been severely affected by decay, your TiggaSmile practitioner may recommend dental crowns to restore its strength and shape.

Crowns are commonly used and are attached directly to the remaining natural tooth to preserve your smile and bite. They can be made from a variety of tooth coloured materials such as porcelain, resin, or ceramic. Metallic crowns are also used, as well as crowns made from a combination of metal and porcelain. Crowns function to restore misshapen or broken teeth, protect a tooth from further damage, strengthen teeth, replace discoloured teeth or anchor a bridge into place.

The treatment

You and your dentist will discuss the treatment options available to you, including the type of crown you would like.

If you require a crown, the dentist will take impressions or a digital scan of your teeth to ensure the laboratory creates the correct size and shaped crown for your mouth.

Your natural tooth will be prepared for the crown, this may entail removing the damaged part of the tooth or a reshaping process so that the crown can be properly fitted.

Whilst you wait for a permanent crown, your dentist will provide you with a temporary crown. At your next appointment, this temporary replacement will be removed and the permanent crown will be bonded to your natural tooth.

The dentist will show you how to look after your new dental restoration.

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