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White Dental Beauty Mild is the perfect treatment for patients who suffer from sensitivity but still want to whiten their teeth.

White Dental Beauty


White Dental Beauty tooth whitening gels have a variety of different strengths, all powered by NOVON® – a whitening compound that delivers improved whitening results over less treatment time..

The treatment

NOVON® has a unique inherent feature in that, on application, it produces a “pH jump” into the alkaline pH range.

This “pH jump” enhances the release of perhydroxyl ions for a faster whitening effect. NOVON® containing gels can therefore produce a similar whitening effect within a shorter time frame, in comparison to whitening using a regular gel.

Alternatively, within the same time frame, a similar level of whitening can be achieved with a lower inclusion level of NOVON® (Hyland et al, 2014). This should be an advantage to patients with sensitive teeth.

In addition to the enhanced whitening effect, a further advantage of NOVON® containing gels is their superior stability characteristics over a 24 month test period at a storage temperature of 2 – 24°C.


Up until now, people with sensitive teeth have struggled to whiten their teeth or have had to avoid whitening all together.

White Dental Beauty Mild is a gentle and safe tooth whitening gel that has been formulated to help reduce sensitivity when whitening your teeth.

The unique 5% CP formula of White Dental Beauty Mild which incorporates NOVON®, enables the same results as a standard 10% CP gel, but with overall less sensitivity.*

NOVON® is an exclusive patented technology (US Patent no. 8815217 B2) that produces an enhanced whitening effect.


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